New Exhibit on Ancient Mayan Art at the National Gallery of Art

"Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya," the first exhibition ever on this subject in the U.S., will be on display at the East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, through July 25, 2004. The exhibition brings together some 130 masterworks from the seventh to the ninth centuries CE, approximately half of them from museums in Mexico, along with outstanding examples from American, European, and Australian collections.

"Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya" demonstrates the visual magnificence and the complexity of life at court, particularly at Palenque, Mexico, but at other city-states as well. The objects on view will include primary works of stone sculpture such as stelae, lintels and panels, as well as works in other media, including ceramics, precious stone, and shell.

"The Maya culture, of great advancement and refinement, is part of the cultural legacy that Mexico gladly shares with our North American neighbors and the world," said Emilio Azc