Southron Gaard Demesne Online

Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage has announced that Southron Gaard's demesne is now online and ready to be visited by the populace. Katherine Kerr of the Hermitage writes:

Greetings good gentles,

Let it be known far and wide that Southron Gaard's demesne, populace and records of note can now be visited by any who care to do so by clicking on the header above.

There you can find such useful things as:

  • an event calendar listing regular activities, local and Kingdom events of note
  • Regnum listing and contact information
  • the Barony's Order of Precedence (as of Feb AS37), and information on Lochac awards and recommendation processes
  • directions as to where to find useful items such as the Combat Handbook, Marshal's Handbook, A&S assistance list and the like
  • useful information for newcomers, including our Newcomer Pamphlet (which you are welcome to distribute far and wide)
  • the beginnings of the populace listing (more would be very welcome; see the Populace page for submission instructions)
  • helpful guides for stewards, including budget advice and other sundry documents of import
  • ...and a great deal more.

Please feel free to browse and make comment as you will -- praise will be most welcome, but even more welcome would be suggestions for improvements, corrections to anything amiss or recommendations for alliance with other like efforts.

Yours exhaustedly,
katherine kerr of the Hermitage