Medieval Spear Seminar to Take Place in Outlands

The Rocky Mountain Historical Combat Guild is sponsoring a seminar by combat expert Brian Price on medieval spear and poleaxe techniques. The seminar will take place April 24-25, 2004 in Denver, CO. Brian Price is a well-known name in combat circles. He is the owner of Chivalry Bookshelf, the editor of Chronique, a founder of the Schola St. George and the Company of St. George and an accomplished instructor as well as Earl Sir Brion ap Thornbird from the West Kingdom. He has taught classes at Estrella and Pennsic and has traveled throughout the United States, presenting classes.

In April, Price will present a two-day seminar on medieval spear and poleaxe techniques, based on Italian and German documents. The class is limited to thirty, so early registration is encouraged. This is not an SCA event and is open to the general public.

For more information, visit the website.