Vampire-Slaying, Romanian Style

Akron Beacon Journal: Shades of Buffy! Villagers in a remote area of Romania dug up the body of Toma Petre, one of their own, in an effort to keep him from becoming a vampire. Vampire-hunting is serious business in Romania. The skill has been handed down through families for generations. Recently, police have had to contend with a rash of vampire slayings which, however traditional, are still illegal.

Vampires are common in Romania, especially in the larger cities, and nothing like the Hollywood variety. They are usually babies who have died before baptism or the dead who have had a black cat jump across their coffins. Now the locals are annoyed at police interference in an accepted bit of national heritage.

"What did we do?" pleaded Flora Marinescu, Petre's sister and the wife of the man accused of re-killing him. "If they're right, he was already dead. If we're right, we killed a vampire and saved three lives. ... Is that so wrong?"

Police are still investigating and plan to press charges. To read the complete story, click on the header.