Soothsayers' Guild to Change Leadership

The Soothsayers' Guild of the East Kingdom will have new leadership when Baroness Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys ap Gwynedd steps down after many years of service. Lady Elena Norreys, Guildmistress writes:

The East Kingdom Soothsayers' Guild, a royally chartered guild in existence since A. S. XI, herewith announces a change.

After many years as Guildmistress, Baroness Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys ap Gwynedd (O.L., O. P., CoM) has decided to step down. The new Guildmistress is Lady Elena Norreys, a resident of Carillion.

The rest of the officers will remain the same: Deputy Guildmistress: Baroness Tamar the Gypsy (Storvik), Chronicler: Master Vuong Manh (Storvik), and Web Spinner: Lady Elena Norreys. The Guild will be represented at the West Windsor Renfaire on May 22 and 23, and at the Carillion Renfaire in Lakewood (Sept. 18 & 19), as well as individual appearances by soothsayers at other events.

The Guild is indebted to Mistress Arwen for her years of service, and extends warm wishes to Lady Elena in her new role.

More information on the Guild may be found at the Guild's website or by writing to the new Guildmistress at:

Lois Fitzpatrick
417 Wilmont St. #2
South Amboy, NJ 08879

Lady Elena Norreys
East Kingdom Soothsayers' Guild