[LOC] Rowany Picnic

The year has started! Come out for a day of sitting in the park, enjoying the shade and breeze. Want somewhere to do some heavy combat, rapier, challenges, dancing, singing, games, chatting, and general fun stuff?

Then join Rowany for a Picnic and Tourneys, 6th of March, at 1pm (yes, just over a week away). We'll be at Petersham Park, near the cnr Brighton and Station Sts, Petersham (Sydney) NSW AU (you'll recognise it by the banners and the tent)!

There will be a Heavy combat challenge based (e.g. Upon the Tower, Over the Barrier, Matched Weapons) Pas d'Armes; lists open at 1pm, fighting starts at 2. This will be followed by a Valhalla/Ragnarok tourney until all have their fill of combat.

There will also be rapier combat, for the joy of the play.

Bring a plate, just for yourself or to share. This is the perfect opportunity to test that new pie recipe, or share your prize cordial with friends.

Bring your games, both board and grass (like croquet or patonc), songbooks, instruments, and dancing shoes. Bring your sewing, tablet weaving, or cord-making, for a pleasant afternoon in company. Sit and chat and share your burgeoning Festival plans!

Hope to see you there!

Steward: Andrew Daniels daniel.p.quinlan@gmail.com