Thank you from Estrella War

The organizers of the recent Estrella War XXVII send their thanks to all who attended the War.

Unto the Populace of the Known World do the Estrella War XXVII Mains Send Greetings,

We would like to first and foremost like to say a huge thank you to everyone for attending this year’s Estrella War XXVII!  We had just over 3200 attendees who put in over 9000+ volunteer hours to help make this another great year!  As our motto for this year was, “Many hands make light work” and without you we could not be successful; so again thank you all for your attendance and participation!

We would also like to give a big round of applause to our Volunteer Staff who worked many tireless and unforgiving hours throughout the year and during their event time to make things happen.  As one of the biggest volunteer-run only events in the Society, we could never do this without your strong will and dedication.

Although this year’s event has just now drawn to a close, we are already planning for next year’s event.  We are aware that there were a few new systems that encountered “bugs” this past year and we thank each and every one of you for your patience as we worked through them; we have resolved these issues and we have grown with the knowledge gained from these experiences.  If you have any suggestions for future improvements to the event, please contact the Estrella War XXVII Mains at with your suggestions and we will make sure to take them with us into Estrella War XXVIII.

As with every Estrella War we now have plenty of good stories and memories to share.  We hope that each of our Staff and Attendees walked away with at least one smile and we look forward to next year’s event when we are able to again enjoy each other’s great company!


Mistress Dascha Alexandrovna Rostova, OP
Mistress Eilidh MacMurtrie, OP
Lady Rowan Bridget Blackmoor