Pennsic XL University instructor registration open

Lady Helena Sibylla, Chancellor for the Pennsic University, reports that registration for instructors for the Pennsic XL University is now open.

Lady Helena writes:

As the new year is well underway, it is time to think ahead to Pennsic! This year will be Pennsic XL, so we anticipate having an even more adventurous time than usual as we celebrate this anniversary.

One of the most wonderful opportunities available to all of us at Pennsic is the classes that are offered through Pennsic University, taught by people from all over the Known World. I am pleased to announce that class registration for Pennsic XL is now available!

Though this is somewhat later in the year than we usually begin registrations, the Pennsic University staff wishes everyone to know that the delay was intentional, as we were exploring several options for handling the behind the scenes processes of the University.  At this point, we are still working to update and streamline our processes to make the working of the University more efficient and user-friendly.

Please take this opportunity to consider teaching a class (or classes).  Share the knowledge and skills you have acquired through your participation in the SCA! To register a class, please use the link below.

Even if you are not interested in teaching a class by yourself, keep in mind that the classes that are taught are those offered by the instructors themselves. Thus, if you want to see classes on a particular topic, contact the talented individuals that you know in that field and encourage them to teach.  It is also possible to team-teach classes, so combine your skills with those of another!

This year, there will once again be an Artisan’s Row for more a more intimate opportunity to see different arts and sciences in process rather than in the traditional sense of a class. Please see the A&S section of the Pennsic website for more information on Artisan’s Row.

If you enjoyed classes at Pennsic 39, please note that several instructors have made their class information and/or contact information available to interested parties. The link to Contact Last Year’s Teachers is available in the Pennsic University website given above.

 Please distribute this message to other SCA related lists and interested parties, and most importantly, sign up to teach a class!  The greater the diversity of our teachers, the better an opportunity Pennsic University will be!

Have a great Pennsic!

Baroness Aldermoureis Ventzke, Class Scheduler (
TH Lady Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn, Artisan’s Row Coordinator (
Lady Helena Sibylla, Chancellor (