Trimaris Wins Rapier Field Melee at Gulf Wars

For the first time in Gulf Wars history, Trimaris and her allies have taken the Rapier Field Melee Battle! An anonymous contributor writes:

Gulf Wars is over, but now that many of the populace are home or on their way home, the stories, pictures, and memories of the event, will start coming out. I wish to start the ball rolling by giving a big VIVAT! for Trimaris and her allies who, for the first time in the history of Gulf Wars, took the Rapier Field battle point.

Winning two out of the three battles, the groups were then greeted with applause and congratulations from TRM of Trimaris, Meridies, and HRH of the Midrealm. Her Royal Highness Meridies then presented all rapier fighters that had participated with the Order of the Dragon's Teeth for: dramatic deeds and skills displayed upon the field of battle, and the right to bear the badge: Vert, on a pale Or, three fangs vert, without let or hindrance from any person. TRimaris and her allies also took the Rapier Ravien Battle point. A big thanks to NorthStar, Asgard, and everyone else who participated. We had a blast!

Editor's note: It is possible that the writer meant "Midrealm" rather than "Meridies" as the kingdom presenting the Order of the Dragon's Teeth. Perhaps the author could contact with a clarifiction.