[EAL] Late Winter Shoot

The Canton of Petrea Thule is pleased to announce the annual Late Winter Shoot to be held Saturday March 19, 2011 at the Peterborough Fish & Game Club • 608 Division Road, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Gate Opens at 10am ~ Site Closes at 6pm

On Sunday March 20, the Canton of Petrea Thule will host a Heavy Weapons and Fencing Practice
to be held at the Fish & Game Club under the guidance of Baron Tiberius of Warwickshire and Lord William 'the Griffin' of Otterton. Any and all are welcome to attend and a large common area for A&S activities is available.

SCA Member Rate: $6.00
Non SCA Member Rate: $11.00

A valid SCA Membership card must be shown at check-in.
Failure to present a valid card may result in the non SCA member rate being charged.

Please make any cheques payable to "SCA - Petrea Thule"

Come join us for a full day of archery activities at our indoor and heated 20-yard range.

The site is a 20 yard indoor archery range just outside of Peterborough.
Come join us for a fun day of Archery.

We will be doing Winter, Novelty and Novice Shoots!

The “Mystery Novelty Shoot” will be provided by the Archers of the Kingdom Of Aethelmarc

There will be an outdoor thrown weapons range available - weather permitting.

Late Winter Shoot Full Lunch available for only $5

Flampoynte of Beef & Onion OR Mushroom & Cheese Pasty
Makerouns (limited portions of gluten free available with rice pasta)
A Sallet of Seasonal Greens
A Selection of Cheeses and Fruits

Please bring your own bowls, cups, goblets, plates or whatever else you like to use... we don't have enough spares to share for everyone! (and we do like to avoid using styrofoam if we can avoid it!)

Cold drinks are available on-site through the Fish & Game Club Canteen
Canned Pop $1, Gatorade $1.50, Bottled Water $0.50

Any special requirements or menu questions, please contact the Lunch Steward via email

Lord William 'the Griffin' of Otterton
MKA Greg Saul
Email: griffin@wraithstudios.ca

There is no Feast for this event. After the event, we will retire to a Ricky's in Peterobourgh. Please confirm your attendance the gate so we can provide the restaurant with accurate reservations numbers. Full details for the restaurant including menu are found here. Directions from event site to restaurant provided at the gate.

For any additional information, contact the Event Stewards.

Kelly McRobert
Email: kellymcrobert@trentu.ca

Kurtis St.Clair
Email: kart_49@hotmail.com
Directions to the Peterborough Fish & Game Club, 608 Division Road, Peterborough, ON

Take your best route to Peterborough.

From the East:  Turn North onto Television Rd. (if you pass the Loeb plaza and Consumers Gas you’ve gone too far).  Follow directions for All.

From West and South:   Take the # 7 bypass around the south end of Peterborough.  This will terminate at Lansdowne St.  Go Straight – this is Television Rd.  Follow directions for All.

From North:  Please call ahead as directions are complicated.

All:  At flashing light intersection (Parkhill/Warsaw Rd.)  turn right. Go half a Km east till the road bends left, follow right branch onto chip and tar road (Division Rd) for 2 miles till you see the blue building on left or sign for event (#608). Look for signs.