[MID] Spring Training - CANCELLED

Due to an electrical power outage at the event location combined with excessive rain, Spring Training in
Rivenvale for this weekend has been CANCELED. We hope to see you all in the fall at Saxon Summer!

As the weather begins to fade from winter cold to warmer spring, I have been able to secure a site which has large expanses of open space for a large combined siege and combat archery practice.

It is my expectation to get as many people from the siege and combat archery communities together for a symposium-type event on May 7, 2011. The symposium will be held as part of the Spring Training event in Rivenvale, Middle Kingdom
To that end, if you or anyone you know is interested in Siege combat, siege engines, combat archery or anything related to these subjects, set aside the date and plan to come out! There will be people from neighboring Kingdoms as well….  so be there, or be shot!
If you have a class, competition, demo, or sell siege and CA equipment, please contact us and we will gladly fit you in. 
Siege - Baron Alexander of Hawkwood
Combat Archery-
THL Dirk Edward of Frisia

Currently in the planning stages are:
-         A boat battle like the one at Pennsic.
-         A target shooting competition for siege weapons.
-         A static display and shooting range for new folks to get hands on time.
-         Classes for building engines, ammo and marshalling siege.
-         Classes on building Combat Archery ammo, and inspection of equipment
-         Tactical methods for using combat archery in Melee
-         Authorizations for Combat Archery and Siege ( Middle Kingdom)
There will be space for truck and trailer parking, tent camping, cabins (a nominal charge), and TONS of open space.  Now is a good time to get your equipment and ammo out to start doing repairs, begin building new engines, and get prepared for a “target rich” season.
For further information about the event, please go to the Rivenvale.org website at: http://pages.prodigy.net/rbrown8417/