Woodworkers needed for Pennsic Artisan's Row

Master Brusten de Bearsul is seeking woodworkers to participate in the Artisans' Row project at Pennsic  war 40.

Master Brusten writes:

I am trying to locate other, (hopefully more experienced) woodworkers who might be interested in joining together to do a day of demonstration and teaching on Pennsic Artisan's row this year. It will be in a better location than last year, and if weather permits it will be possible to expand out the front of the tents to draw more people in.

My laurel is not in woodworking, but I have recently built or repaired several looms and other fiber arts tools. I have a wild hope of being able to build a chest at Pennsic using period methods only, and hope to use Pennsic Artisan's row to connect with other woodworkers from across the known world.

I am hoping to hear from other wood-workers to see if there is enough interest to justify reserving the space on artisan's row. Please feel free to forward this to any other lists that might be appropriate.

Brusten de Bearsul