Photos Online from Newcomers' Event in Lochac

The College of St. Monica, which is part of the Shire of Krae Glas (Monash University, Clayton campus, in south-east Melbourne, Australia), hosted the Newcomers' Faire on the 20th March, AS XXXVIII.'s Lochac correspondent shares his event report and photo album. The Colleges in Melbourne (the other being St. Bartholomew at Melbourne University) draw their membership from the Shires of Krae Glas and Arrowsreach, the Barony of Stormhold, and the incipient Shires of Iseldir and Cairn Faill. On this day members from all these groups worked together to welcome those new to the SCA with collegia, tourneys, a buffet feast, games, dancing, and general frivolity.

The weather was magnificent for the day, and scores of gentle folk enjoyed the wide range of activities, including a lost property auction, rapier and heavy tourneys and hands on A&S classes. Holding the event as an afternoon indoor/outdoor gathering rather than a feast was a stroke of genius, as it kept the costs way down, and made for a very relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Thanks to the good folk at the College of St Monica who did so much to ensure the success of the day, and welcome to all the newcomers who sampled many different aspects of the SCA on the day.

The link from the headline, above, goes to Gwynfor Lwyd's album of photos from the event.