Victors in the Third Coronet Lists of Insulae Draconis

This Saturday past, the Principality of Insulae Draconis held its third coronet lists. All combatants met in a round robin tourney, facing each opponent for the best two of three bouts.

After much preliminary fighting, the finals commenced with Master Cernac the Inspired, inspired by Lady Susannah of York, facing HL Dirik von Rosswald, fighting for Lady Solange de la Fortesse. With one victory each, Master Cernac landed the final blow to become the third Prince of Insulae Draconis. Just prior to the evening feast, Prince SigmundR and Princess Sagadis held their last court, crowning Cernac and Susannah as their successors.

For all the combantants of the Coronet Lists, Vivant!