[MER] Wine List XXI

Wine List has always celebrated the joys of martial prowess and adult beverages, and this year is no exception.  We have a great new WET site with heated halls and tenting space galore.

To keep things fun we've dusted off the autocrat of the first Wine List, mixed in some booze-themed classes, and worked up a meat-filled feast menu that's sure to please.


The Wine List:
A 3-man melee tournament with a twist.  Each team must provide 3 bottles of wine to enter (no swill please).  Fighters under 21 may provide sparkling cider or juice.  Winning team takes all.  There are no point systems or weapons restrictions, just "straight up" fighting.

The Beer List:
A standard double-elimination tournament with swanky prizes.

War Practice:
An organized war practice will be held after the tournaments.


For those who prefer gentler pursuits, classes such as Wine Appreciation 101 shall be offered throughout the day.  Look for numerous exhibitions of a similar nature after feast.

Feasting & Revelry

In fond remembrance of the feast served at our first Wine List, we'll feature a meaty meal with ample portions.  After the feast, enjoy noble fellowship hosted by Sir Iain Geirmundsson in heated comfort at "The Soused Swan."

      Reservation     No Reservation
Member day-trip/no feast     $10     $12
Member day-trip w/feast     $15     $17
Member weekend/no feast     $15     $17
Member weekend w/feast     $20     $22

Non-members please add $5.00 to member pricing
Children 12 and under are 1/2 the member price.
Make checks payable to: SCA, INC./Shire of Glynn Rhe
Per Kingdom Law, no family shall pay more than the equivalent of three adult event fees, provided they are all members.


Sir Aubek Feldan

THL Cecily du Chinon

Mistress Odendisa Egilsdottir

Site Info and Directions

Camp Anderel is located at:
631 County Road 635 in Rogersville, AL

The site opens at 5pm Friday and closes at 11am Sunday

From I-65, take exit 351 towards Athens, AL.  Turn onto US Highway 72 and proceed west approximately 17.5 miles.  Immediately after crossing over the Elk River the entrance to the camp is on the right.