[CAI] Mons Draconis Anniversary

Mons Draconis Anniversary/Dreiburgen Spring Tourney on Saturday, February 26, 2011. The Return of the Plague Rats!! The Plague Rats will be present again to hary the flower of Caiden Chivalry, tormenting the fighters as they contest for the Glory of becoming Champion of the Canton of Mons Draconis.

The ever exciting Plague Rat Melee will be the centerpiece of the day with other combat following. Let the fighters come forth to hone their skills in preparation for Crown Tourney.

To taunt fighters and rodents alike there will be a donational lunch of Sweet and Savory baked goods. Those who contribute items for this lunch will receive tickets for the raffle of a baker’s gift basket. The contents of this basket promise to be legendary and will delight any confirmed baker and donating a dish is the only way to get your raffle tickets. If you would like to donate to this lunch and raffle, please contact the event stewards if possible, although, of course, spirit of the moment contributions are very welcome.

Prepare your Ode to the Plague Rat and enter it in competition. Prizes for this event have been provided by Goblins Grotto and Ulfblood the Berzerk. This all sounds too good to be true, but there is more!!! A knife, a magnificent hand forged knife has been donated by Master Atar Baktar of Salamander Forge. This is #121 of a limited edition of 125. There are only 750 tickets to be sold in this raffle, so be there to get yours. Tickets are $1.00 each.

In addition, the Loyal Order of the Plethorites will be sponsoring a fabric and trim swap. If you have cloth or pretty bits of trim you haven’t used bring it along for a chance to trade for something new.

Fighters!!  Your Last Chance to fight Before Crown Tourney...is Mons Draconis Anniversary/Dreiburgen Spring Tourney on Saturday, February 26th!!!  It is once again the time of the Plague Rats and the infestation has taken us to new heights and new weaponry. 

We will be raffling a new weapon at the event donated by Master Atar Baktar and Lord Carolus Eulinhorst...a pattern welded Kitana made by Master Atar's own hands will be raffled by the Canton of Mons Draconis.  Only 750 tickets* at $1 each will be available before the drawing takes place. 

So come warm up your armour before Crown Tourney and perhaps add to your collection of the finest blades available in the Known World.

Come slay a few rats and enjoy the day.
*The drawing for the Kitana will not take place until all tickets are sold.

TH Lady Juliana Romfare and Lady Elyn de Haoucmore: Anniversary (at) MonsDraconis (dot) org

Martha Mclean Anza Narrows Regional Park
5687 Jurupa Ave.
Riverside, CA, 92506

The park is easily accessible from the 60, 215 and 91 Freeways. Please use your favorite mapmaker for specific directions.

Site Fees:

Members: $3.00, non-member surcharge is $5.00. Children under 5 years are free.
There is a $5.00 entrance fee to the park. Please try to bring exact change as this is an automated entrance..
Make check payable to: SCA Inc./SCA. Inc./Canton of Mons Draconis

Gate will open at 8:00 am and the Lists will open, in spite of the rats, at 9:00 am and close 15 minutes after the conclusion of court. The site closes one half hour before sunset.