Viking artifacts links

Researchers of all things Viking may want to visit the Vikverir website which features a links page of museums throughout Scandinavia which have posted photos of their collections.

The closeup photos show details of important Viking artifacts and archaeological finds from museums including:

  • Museum of Cultural History - Oslo, Norway
  • The Norwegian Armed Forces Museum - Oslo, Norway
  • Bryggen Museum - Bergen, Norway
  • Bergen Museum - Bergen, Norway
  • Hedemarksmuseet - Hamar, Norway
  • Midgard Historisk Senter - Horten, Norway
  • Museum of Natural History and Archaeology - Trondheim, Norway
  • Trelleborg - Denmark
  • Nationalmuseet - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Ribes Vikinger - Ribe, Denmark
  • Esbjerg Museum - Esbjerg, Denmark
  • Koldinghus - Kolding, Denmark

Link offline temporarily

I did some further investigation of the link problem, and found a blog post in which the owner of the site says (as of 28 February) that it is down due to a temporary technical problem, and that the site will be back online "soon." Given that, I am going to leave the story on our newswire for now and suggest that those interested check back in a few days.

If some kind reader finds the link back up, in case I forget to watch for it, please post a comment here to let us know.


It's back

Just checked; the link is back up.  Thanks, Justin!

-- Gunnar

Glad it's up, but no thanks due to me :-)

I had nothing to do with the link being back up; the site owner must have fixed their technical problem.

That being said, thanks very much Gunnar for letting us know that the link is back.


Dead link

Dead link.  Bummer.

Crud...dead site

I tried to update the link, but no joy. This link was live just a few days ago, and the whole site seems to be offline now. Sorry for the inconvenience.