[OUT] Caerthe A&S Competition

Please join the Barony of Caerthe as we choose our new Arts and Sciences Champion for the coming year. All are invited to enter but only members of the Barony are eligible to become the Champion.

The categories will match the Kingdom A&S Competition categories and can be found at http://kmoas.outlands.org/DivisionsCategories/tabid/620/Default.aspx

When: March 5, 2011 Site Opens at 9 AM Site Closes at 5 PM
Where: The Mainstreet Center located at 19650 E Mainstreet, Parker, CO 80138.

Event Stewards: Lady Dearbhail inghean Leoid email: jervelleod@gmail.com
THL Johann of the Northern Moors email : bmorman@earthnet.net

Site Fee: $5.00. $5 non-member surcharge applies.

Site Location and Directions: The site is the Mainstreet Center located at 19650 E Mainstreet, Parker, CO 80138. The site does not allow alcohol or smoking. On I-25 take the East Lincoln Avenue exit and travel east on East Lincoln Avenue. At South Parker Road turn south. At East Mainstreet turn east. The site is on the right.

Barony of Caerthe Arts and Sciences Competition Rules
The purpose of having a Arts and Sciences Competition in the Barony each year is to provide our artists and scholars an avenue to display their accomplishments, to have them discussed and valuated in a comfortable and productive environment, and to showcase the talents and achievements of the barony’s artists to aid in the selection of a Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion. Competitions at the Baronial Level can be good experiences for those who are considering entering their projects and research at the Kingdom level or higher. It is intended that there will be discussions between entrants and commentators. As one of the greatest benefits of holding this type of event is the time that scholars and artists get to spend with others who are knowledgeable in their area of study, we hope to arrange a nurturing environment for the continued learning of all participants. The populace is encouraged to bring small tokens to leave with the entries.

  1. Caerthen Arts and Sciences Competition is open to all SCA Members.
  2. Only entrants residing in the Barony of Caerthe (including any of its Cantons and college groups) will be eligible to compete for the overall A&S Champion position.
  3. No item may be entered which has previously won or placed in any other A&S Competition.
  4. Any single item will be entered in only one category.
  5. Individuals may enter as many categories as they wish, with a maximum of three entries per category.
  6. Divisions are: I. Visual Art II. Fiber Art III. Domestic Arts and Sciences IV. Performing Arts V. Letters VI. Functional Art. Please see “Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition” link for complete list of Categories.(http://kmoas.outlands.org/DivisionsCategories/tabid/620/Default.aspx)
  7. First and Second place awards will be given in each category. (Exceptions to this rule may be made based on number of entries in each category.)
  8. A champion will be announced for each Division. Highest point score will determine the champion of that Division.
  9. Each entrant wishing to compete for overall A&S Champion is required to enter a minimum of two items, in at least two categories. Overall scores will then be tallied and the entrant with the highest overall average will be declared the Champion. In the event of a tie in the averages, the entrant with the highest single score of the two will be declared the winner.
  10. If Champion requirements are NOT met, alternate Champion requirements will be determined by the Baron and/ or Baroness of Caerthe, or the autocrats; IE: Highest score.
  11. An entry’s score will be the average of three scores given by the judges in that category.
  12. Entrants will be receiving their commentary at the end of the day of competition.
  13. Each entrant must be on site and should preferably be available to speak with the judges. Display space will be made available for those who wish only to display items. People need not be present to display items.
  14. Each entrant will stay with their entry during the competition if at all possible to answer verbal questions from the commentators. For this reason it may be impractical to attempt to participate as both and entrant and a commentator.
  15. Documentation is not required to enter the competition but it is required in order to be considered for Grand Champion. Although not required, documentation is HIGHLY recommended and entrants should provide three copies for the benefit of their commentators.
  16. Each entry must be accompanied by a minimum of three copies of documentation, which should include: A general description, Method of construction, and information relating to its authentic and/or Anachronistic value and use.
  17. Written Entries: Three copies of written entries are required for distribution on the day of the competition. There is no limit on the number of pages, but 10pt or 12pt typeface in a plain font is requested. Research Papers must be submitted to the autocrat by February 25, 2011.
  18. Entries MUST be in their final state by the time of the Competition.
  19. The entrant shall complete all work. If the entry is a group effort, this Must be clearly noted in the documentation.
  20. Actual pieces must be entered – no photographs or reproductions will be accepted.
  21. Items manufactured from kits are not eligible for entry; however, templates may be used.
  22. Any group, such as the Gilded Leaf’s or the Laurels of the Barony are encouraged to meet near the end of the event and choose an entrant they would like to recognize with a gift. The Minister of Arts and Sciences will be given a small budget with which to provide prizes to give on behalf of these groups. Time will be given for groups to discuss the entries and come to a consensus and then to inform the Autocrats and the Baron and Baroness.
  23. The Regalia of the Grand Champion of Arts and Sciences shall be passed to the new Grand Champion each year.
  24. The autocrats and designated representatives reserve the right to combine any categories not receiving sufficient entries into a miscellaneous class.
  25. The autocrats and designated representatives reserve the right to make exceptions to the above rules on a case-by-case basis.
  26. Entries must be on site and checked in by 9:30 am on the day of the event.

Lady Dearbhail