[ATL] Roxbury Mill Martial Arts Symposium

The Shire of Roxbury Mill is hosting a martials arts symposium on April 30, 2011. This is a "get ready" for tournament and war season event. A day of training and authorizations, for Armored, rapier and Target Archery.

We would welcome any who would like to instruct or marshal to be involved.
The season of tournaments and war is upon the horizon. Are you ready to answer your liege lords call to arms, or to win the favor of your lady and the tournament prize? Are you authorized to do combat?  Have you gotten soft in the dark winter months? Warriors, swashbucklers, men at arms, archers and squires must make ready. The Shire of Roxbury Mill has the privilege to host the first Annual Martial Arts Symposium, where those who wish may hone their skills and attain authorization to battle for their lady, liege or King. The shire will host four list fields for armored combat, rapier combat, thrown weapons and target archery. 

Laird Seanne Alansyn, OSG