[OUT] Kingdom A&S Competition and Queen's Prize

Kingdom A&S Competition and Queen's Prize, Barony of Fontaine dans Sable, April 9, 2011, McGee Park

Site opens at 8:00 AM, closes at 5 PM
Site fee is $10 for adults (18+), $2 for children (5-18) Free for 4 and under

Pre-Registration will be required for both Kingdom A&S and Queen's Prize
Deadline – Sunday, March 27th at midnight

 • Research Papers must be completed and emailed to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences by the competition pre-registration deadline.
 • Entries must be on site and checked in by 9:00 am and ready to be judged by 9:30 am.
 • If you are entering Kingdom A&S for the first time, you will be required to have a sponsor
 • The sponsor must have participated or judged the Kingdom A&S Competition in the past. The sponsor will be required to guide the entrant by providing information about the entry itself and pros and cons of competing.
 • Documentation is required.
 • Entries must be in a completed state.

Rules for Kingdom A& S (subject to change) can be found along with the list of division & categories and pre-registration forms are located on the Kingdom A&S website at http://kmoas.outlands.org/. If you have any questions, about Kingdom A&S or Queen's Prize please contact THLady Emery de Futton  email: artsandsciences@outlands.org

Donation lunch will be served
House Stuart of Fontaine challenges Chef's of all ages to a Chili, Soup, or Stew cook-off. Bring your best and compete for bragging rights and a great prize. The rules are simple: sell the most bowls at a $1.00 price (proceeds will go to the travel fund) and be declared the winner.

Make your best way to Hwy 64 in Bloomfield, NM. Turn West on Hwy 64. (Hwy 64 is under construction for 2 miles in Bloomfield so if you know an alternate route, you may want to take it.) Stay on Hwy 64 toward Farmington till you hit the light at CR 5500 / 3500 – entrance to Sunray Park and Casino with traffic light. Turn south on CR5500. Turn right at the rearing horse, the gate to McGee Park and follow the SCA signs.