Channel 4's "Time Team" Excavate Roman Villa

EADT: Channel 4's popular archaeological series "Time Team" excavated a 2nd century Roman villa at Castle Hill in Ipswich in April, 2003. The program will air on British television this week. When Paul Atkins encountered a rock while trying to set a fence post at his Suffolk home, he had no idea that he was about to discover the subject of a Time Team television program. Under his garden was the entrance to a 2nd century Roman villa, one of the largest archaeological finds ever in the county. The program, which follows the excavations at Castle Hill in Ipswich, was filmed last year and will air this week.

"It's very important as it's one of the most substantial Roman buildings in Suffolk. Some of it is very well preserved because it is under people's gardens and has not been affected by agriculture," said Jude Plouviez, an archaeological officer with Suffolk County Council