[MER] Golden Lily XII

The Shire of Beau Fort will be hosting Golden Lily XII on February 18-20, 2011 at Indian Springs Group Camp in Flovilla, GA. We cordially invite you to join us as we celebrate the Legend of Finn mac Cumhaill as told in 10th century Ireland. It's a story of wisdom, a salmon, a bard and a warrior; it's a tale of birth, boyhood, love and death.

Our Knight Marshal, Sir Wulfstan, has a full day of fighting planned to meet the taste of all fighters. In the morning hours he has a few surprise tournaments planned culminating with the Golden Lily tournament in the afternoon. Remember, I said this is about wisdom, a salmon, a bard and a warrior…hummm.

Golden Lily would not be the same without Capt. Cillian mac Cauldwell, RMiC, and the Red Sword company's rapier tournament… and who knows what they can do to/with a bard and a salmon!

Youth fighters! Bring your helms and shields; Master Cuhelyn has youth combat on the schedule in the morning…I'm not sure but I think I heard somewhere something about love and a salmon?

However, it's not all about fighting; there are A&S classes and children's activities planned for morning and afternoon. Also, we'd love to see what you've been working on so please bring for display any A&S projects you would like to share.

So…you don't feel like doing anything…that's OK as well. One of the things Golden Lily has a reputation for is being able to kick back and just relax. We have a full day of something or a full day of nothing…it depends on your pleasure.

As always, we will have a traveler's faire on Friday night, breakfast for our overnight guest on Saturday and Sunday mornings, a fund raiser lunch hosted by the Shire of Owls Nest and of course Feast prepared by our own Lady Catharine Sexton.

If you have not made your reservation yet we look forward to hearing from you soon; we still have plenty of feast space and bed space.

For additional event information, reservations, directions the event web site is at

If you have any questions please contact one of the autocrats Lady Meler at glazedebbie at hotmail dot com or Lady Elspeth at dchadwick at bellsouth dot net.