Estrella Update for Youth Activities and Airport Shuttle

Lord Alystyr Stewart, Promotions Deputy for Estrella War XXVII, has several announcements dealing with activities and services at the upcoming War.

Please pardon the 3 in one update for Teen & Youth activities and a brief word about the airport shuttle:


Airport Shuttle - Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
Contact: Pinal Connections, (800)427-1271

This shuttle company services Florence/Casa Grande.  Fees are $75 for one person, $5 extra for a second person, with group rates for more than two people (2 pieces of luggage per person). Prices are subject to change, please call to confirm. You must make reservations at least 24 hours to arrival at the airport.


Greetings Unto The Noble Populace,

As we fast approach Estrella War, it is sometimes easy to forget the Youth of our Society as we prepare for the week?s events. However, we must remember that this is THEIR war too! For they are the future of our Society and the events and activities we plan and schedule, help nurture the dream within them.

There have been a number of inquiries over the past few weeks regarding Youth activities, so in order to answer some of them, I wrote this song.....

....okay no song.

However I would like to note a few pieces of information and direct you to where you can learn more about the many events going on for the Youth at Estrella War.

- The Children's Center has moved to just East of the Period Demo (please see site map for the new location)

- Youth Combat activities are on the schedule for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (see the Schedule

- Youth Ministers from around the SCA are invited to a "Inter-Kingdom Youth Minister Luncheon" on Friday at Noon.

- Youth are encouraged to volunteer. All youth volunteering 2 or more hours are invited to "Youth Volunteer Pizza Party" Saturday at 5:00 pm

- The Children's Center is looking for Music Teachers to teach a music class at the Youth Center (drumming, teaching songs, or the recorder if we can find enough to outfit a class). If your interested, please contact the Youth Center Coordinator at

- Believe it or not, there are lots of things for youth and teens to do at war! For instance a Youth Games Tournament, A&S classes, Youth Challenge Program, Youth Combat, volunteering, and more!

- A&S classes appropriate for teens and/or youth are also offered in the A&S Pavilion. Check the class description for age restrictions, or speak with the instructor if age restrictions are not specified in the class

- An A&S track of classes targeted for youth is also offered in the Youth Center. Parents of young children are encouraged to attend classes with their children, or attend while their children play or work on open activities on the other side of the Center.

You can find more information on Youth Activities, but clicking on the URL/link below.

I would also like to note that people bringing minors to the event should also be encouraged to review the ATTENDING WITH MINORS page
of the website.

In Continued Service,
Lord Alystyr Stewart


Ah, my teenage years. I remember it like it was only 14 years ago...

I also remember the enormous amount of SUCK that went into finding something to do when not glued to my school books. I mean let's face it. Your either too young to go anywhere, or your old enough to go out and discover that there is nothing for you to do at that age!

Well at Estrella War, we remember what it is like being a teenager, which is why we have?


That's right Mom and Dad no more worrying about what they will be doing while you're out volunteering. Let them Volunteer with you!

All teenagers are ENCOURAGED to VOLUNTEER! It's a great way for them to go out and meet new people as well as other teenagers from around the Known World! In fact, all teenagers who volunteer 2 or more hours in any area of the war are invited to a Pizza Party on Saturday Evening at 5pm at the Youth Complex.

But what about after they do their volunteering? We thought of that too!

*-**Arts and Sciences Classes:*

- A&S classes appropriate for teens and/or youth are also offered in the A&S
Pavilion. Be sure to check the A&S class description for age restrictions,
or speak with the instructor if age restrictions are not specified in the
class description.

- *Youth Challenge Program:*
The Youth Challenge Program is designed to give young people the opportunity
to participate in a friendly competition. Youth Challenge Points will be
awarded to young people who register and report their progress and
activities. Youth Challenge points will be awarded in the areas of:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Youth Combat Tournament
  • Volunteer Hours
  • Youth Archery

Other participatory activities like Bardic Competitions, Hound Coursing, etc.

*- Teen Center:*
Let's face it, teens need a nightlife too! This is why there is the Teen Center, located in the Youth Center Complex. It offers a safe place for teens to gather Thursday through Saturday evenings from 7pm - 10:30 pm.

For more information on activities for Teenagers at Estrella War, please visit the Estrella War website, Teen Activities Page at the URL/Link below.

In Service,
Lord Alystyr Stewart
Estrella War Promotions Officer