[CAI] Festival of the Rose - Winter Queen

Festival of the Rose (FotR) is a very special day to appreciate and entertain our Queen! This event will place a special emphasis on …Strong, Brave and Amazing Women Throughout History!

Hmmm….strong women, brave women…dare we say uppity women? Do we know any of those? Have there ever been any in CAID? Read our history, talk to friends, some stories may surprise you! Who could forget Urraca of Aragon or Anna Comnena of Constantinople? Talk about a couple of smart ladies!

CHANGE OF SITE! NEW LOCATION: Live Oak Campground, HC 154, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.

FESTIVAL of the ROSE has been moved from Dabney Hall at Caltech, Pasadena to KING'S HUNT in Carreg Wen. The steward of King’s Hunt has graciously allowed FotR to share its site, so that our lovely Queen will not be forced to travel 2½ hours each way in one day to get to two widely separated events. ENJOY THE WEEKEND!

Though FotR will be held only on Saturday, April 2, those who planned to attend FotR anyway might consider a whole weekend of family and fighting fun at King’s Hunt from noon Friday, April 1 through 4 pm on Sunday, April 3. King’s Hunt information is in the February Crown Prints, or the Carreg Wen website on the Caid Website: www.sca-caid.org. KING’S HUNT ATTENDEES can expect armored fighters, equestrian events, thrown weapons, archery and a covered pavilion for gentler recreation. The Shire of the Isles will provide rapier scenarios, including Blood of Heroes, a tournament, and melees on Sunday morning and afternoon! King Wilhelm wishes to showcase youth so there will be a Youth Combat Tournament and Melees on Saturday as well as more gentle youth activities. There is some youth loaner armor and weapons available.

CONTESTS: Bake your tastiest bread, bring it and an ingredient list for a Populace Choice vote to become Master Baker of the Hunt.

FRIDAY & SATURDAY BARDIC CIRCLE: A bardic circle (mmmm smores!) hosted by the Bard of Caid, Lord Thomas, is open to all for fireside fun!

SATURDAY LUNCH: Lord Jason du Griffin will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and a soda for a suggested donation of $5.00 per person (including children). Profits will be split between the Shire of Carreg Wen and the Crown Fund.

SATURDAY FEAST: The Shire of the Isles will serve up a bird and game pie, roast with sauces, desserts. RSVPs and dietary questions should be directed to the feastocrat, Lord Cormac (kingshuntfeast@carregwen.org).

SUNDAY MORNING BREAKFAST: Compliments of the Shire of Carreg Wen, so that all who come to King’s Hunt or who stay over from Festival of the Rose may travel home well fed.

ARTS DISPLAYS & DEMOS: Every Caidan, household, group, canton, shire, barony, guild, warband and interested bystander is encouraged to bring arts to display for the Queen! Encourage all in your area to show off their talents! The campground has a large pavilion to protect your crafts, with plenty of large tables to demonstrate your art on the spot. Craftspeople who cannot make it to FotR should contact the Rose Stewards (not the King’s Hunt steward) to discuss getting their work to the event. We are willing to help bring your arts to the attention of the Queen!

PERFORMANCES: There is a stage inside the pavilion so performing for Her Majesty will be easy! Emphasis on Strong, Brave and Amazing Women is greatly encouraged. Short performances may also be held wherever the Queen may be at any given time. If you wish to perform even a small piece, please contact one of the Festival of the Rose stewards, not the King’s Hunt steward.

HOSTS & VOLUNTEERS: All areas of Festival of the Rose needs help, from setting up, laying out A&S displays, helping with demos and cleaning up after the event. During FotR, hosts are needed to keep a watchful eye on displays, help craftspeople and assist with the donational lunch.

Directions to Event     Best route to Highway 101, toward Santa Barbara. Take State Street/Highway 154 exit. Head towards the mountains for about 10 miles over the hill and down into the valley. Almost at the bottom of the grade turn right (the campground shares its entrance with Rancho San Marcos Golf Course). Take an immediate left at the \"T\" and continue on the paved/unpaved road, past the clearing to the parking area on your right. The site is up a slight rise, clearly visible from the parking area.
SCHEDULE of the DAY for FESTIVAL of the ROSE (Saturday Only)
8 am: Arts Display setup
10:00am: Opening Court or at Their Majesties’ pleasure Immediately after court, Her Majesty views the Arts Display & Demos
11:30 am: Performances begin at Her Majesty’s pleasure
4:00pm: Closing Court or at Their Majesties' pleasure
Festival of the Rose ends at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday (we must clear up before the feast is served)

Fees     FESTIVAL of the ROSE SITE FEE WAIVED! However, since King’s Hunt must pay for the site, all will be required to pay their Site Fee.
Day Trip only - $10.00 plus $5.00 non-member surcharge.
Children 5 and under Guests of the Shire.

Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc./Shire of Carreg Wen
Royal Presence     Their Majesties will be present.