[ATL] Scottish Moose Tale Collegium

As the weather turns from cold and crisp to warm and inviting, the people of Highland Foorde look forward to the return of their moose to the fields. This year the moose are expecting a visiting cousin to join the herd. Their much loved Scottish cousin sent word that he would be visiting our lands, however, rumor has it that the visiting moose has been stopped along the way.

Fret with worry, the people of Highland Foorde have decided to hold a collegium in order to inform themselves of the cultures of some of the various places they have heard the moose may be held. This is in hope of being able to send people to these places and seek out their friend. In addition to discussing various cultures and their clothing, they will also be discussing the various monsters of the sea they may find along the way, calligraphy, so they may be able to communicate between their different search groups, and many other subjects that will assist in their search.

It is the hope of the people of Highland Foorde that the people of Atlantia will come forward to learn with them and help them seek out their moose. Knowing that our Scottish cousin is very much interested in learning and the arts, we hope by enhancing our own knowledge that word will get out to him and he will find himself in good hands.

In addition, we have planned Page's Academy classes and children's activities.

This year's collegium will proudly include a class in Sashiko (Japanese quilting).
Fishermen's wives would make coats for their husbands. The coats were frequently blue and made out of many layers of silk scraps. In order to hold the layers together they would stitch over the top, through all the layers. There are now specific named patterns of stitching (just like the various types of American quilts) that developed from that early effort. As the coat was worn, the wives would patch it with a bit more blue silk, which was almost never the same shade as the ground fabric, then do more stitching over the top of that to hold it in place."Fisherman's Coats" are an art-form now!
Students will need to prepare the following ahead of time:

    * Several/many foot-square pieces of silk, or many layers of cotton fabric, or two layers of silk or cotton
    * Quilt batting to go inside
    * White sewing thread (Perl #5 in white or red is fine)
    * A sharp needle
    * Usual sewing supplies (ruler, scissors, etc)
    * Colored quilters' tracing paper is a big help, or a 'pouncer' with white chalk in it
    * An embroidery hoop

Other classes will include Mongolian Costuming, Medieval Marine Mammals, Performing Arts for Fraidy Cats, Cordials 101, Basic Calligraphy, Planning Considerations for a Feast, Melee Tactics, Small Unit Leadership, and many more.

Arts & Sciences Challenge:
Your oldest piece of garb. No matter how old, tattered, grungy, or embarrassing, we want to see your oldest piece of garb. The only requirement is that you have to have worn it to an event within the last year. Does your oldest piece of garb have an interesting story to tell? Write it down for all to read and bring it along as well.

Event site:
Wilson Ruritan, 16204 National Pike, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740. Site open at 9am and closes at 9pm. Anyone onsite after 9pm will be recruited to the cleanup crew.

Site Restrictions:
Alcohol permitted. No pets are allowed in the building. Any pets outsite must be leashed and attended at all times.

Scottish style feast organized by Domnall mac Arcill. Please contact at wolf AT ulcain DOT net with any dietary concerns. Feast is limited, so please pre-register early to ensure a seat.

Merchanting Information:
Merchants are welcome. Contact the autocrat.

Autocrat's Information: Elizabet ingen Eda E-mail: safira AT ulcain DOT net

Cost: Adult, Member: $8.00 Day-Trip $7.00 Feast
Adult, Non-Member: $13.00 Day-Trip $12.00 Feast
Youth (6-17): $5.00 Day-Trip $7.00 Feast
Child (0-5): $0.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast

Make Checks Payable To: SCA-MD, Inc.- Barony of Highland Foorde
Send reservations to autocrat

Take your best route to I70 toward Hagerstown. Take exit 24/MD63 N, Williamsport/Huyett toward Huyett. Turn left at Sheetz onto National Pike/US40. Wilson Ruritan is 0.5 miles on the right.