Fireworks banned at Estrella

Lord Alystyr Stewart, Estrella War Promotions Officer, discusses the status of fireworks use at the upcoming Estrella War XVII.

Greetings Unto the Noble Populace

So there have been a few questions floating around various lists and forums lately in regards to whether or not fireworks will be allowed at Estrella War. Now this is a fair question given that the state of Arizona recently lifted a ban, prohibiting the sale of fireworks, and lets face it, they are just fun. Now as much as I love a good fireworks show and a sparkler in my drink, let me clearly state that the answer is NO!

Fireworks, sparklers, and all other incendiary devices are banned from Estrella War.

Not only is this due to the obvious fire hazards and dense population of people at the event, but to have them on site would also be in direct violation of our County Permits and Insurance Bonds. Anyone found using such devices will be ejected from the site.

Besides, I've seen fireworks displays a plenty, and until we can get that flying dragon rocket that Gandalf had, I'm okay with waiting.

Yours In Service,

Lord Alystyr Stewart
Estrella War Promotions Officer