[GLE] Historical Romance

Shire Blackwood invites you to a weekend of fighting and fun at one of the premier event sites in Gleann Abhann. 

Eventing comfort just doesn't get any better than this. This group camp is a newer camp and has many amenities. Rooms in the dorms have two bunk beds each and are individually climate controlled. There are bathrooms in the dorm, so no hiking through the woods to a porta-potty in the wee hours of the morning. Each dorm has a TV, fireplace (please bring your own fire wood if you would like a fire), refrigerator, coin operated washer and dryer, outdoor grill, porch, and is located on the lake. There are two docks for taking in beautiful sunsets. The parking area is just outside your dorm, so long hikes with heavy baggage is a thankfully a thing of the past. Bed space is limited to 120 and feast space is cut off at 100.  There is still feast and bed space available.

For those interested in fighting there will be a Love and War tournament in the morning. This will be a traditional double elimination tournament with rotating weapon styles of Sword & Shield, Great Sword and Florentine. Your weapon will be chosen for each round by your opponent's consort.  Should your consort be so unfortunate as to roll "snake eyes" (two 1's) or "boxcars" (two 6's) on traditional six sided dice, your weapon will be a dagger. In the afternoon the Pelicans will host a Tournament of Champions list.

For those interested in the pursuit of the arts there will be competitions in Costume, Brewing, Armoring, Jewelry, Leatherwork and Woodwork. All those with an entry in the A&S competition will determine the A&S category winners and the A&S Champion.

It is the tradition of Shire Blackwood to award the same prize for the List Champion and the A&S Champion. We think that they are both of equal importance. This year the prizes will be  Wilton Armetale  Florentine  12" round trays.

For fun this year we are having a Cover Contest. Simply match the cover of a modern fictional romance that was set in the pre 1600's using costume and props. The populace will judge the winner. A class in calligraphy will be taught by Lord Jam and a class to assist you in choosing flattering personna garb will be taught by Master Charles de Burbon.

Jimmie Davis State Park, Chatham, Louisiana