Outlands Heirs Determined

Baron Giovanni di Sienna defeated Duke Johann von Balduinseck to secure the Coronet for his lady, Countess Cainnleach Uiseir of Glendalough. In a small but hotly contested Crown List, Baron Giovanni di Sienna defeated Duke Johann von Balduinseck. The Tourney had eleven entrants and was fought single-fight round-robin, with non destructive bye-fights, yielding eleven rounds of combat. Baron Goivanni and Duke Johann each advanced to the finals on the strength of 9-2 records in the List. The final was fought best-two-of-three, with Giovanni winning the tournament in two fights.

Duke Johann bore the favor of his lady, Countess Layla Shirin. Their Royal Highnesses will be Crowned on May 8th, AS XXXIX, in the Canton of Hawks Hollow. Those interested in attending should monitor the Outlands webpage for further details.