[WES] La Prova Dura

Harken to the call that sounds forth from the dry expanse of Cynagua to the far reaches of the Known World.  Send us your most valiant warriors and their inspirational consorts for three days of fighting, revelry, and pageantry.

On the list field each fighter takes on all comers until only the best remains standing.  From the sidelines, the grace and beauty of the consorts inspires the combatants to unsurpassed feats of chivalry and valor. La Prova Dura celebrates the best of the Society for Creative Anachronism. All attendees are encouraged to submit a Letter of Intent. Whether your goal is to fight, inspire, serve, or spectate, let us and others know that you and your household are coming.  If you are not up to putting words to paper, feel free to come enjoy the day in whatever your preferred capacity. Should you choose to write in, these letters will allow the other fighters to train for the challenges that will face them and let everyone know who is joining us to celebrate the spirit of camaraderie.

The Shire of Canale invites you to join us at this event without equal!
If you are traveling to La Prova Dura from out of the Kingdom or from out of California and need local assistance, please contact Viscountess Ysabella Dolphin. If you would like to host a visitor for the event or have bedding or pavilions to loan out, Her Excellency will be happy to match volunteers with travelers in need

Saturday Evening a Feast will be held:

The Feast Fee will be $15 for adults, $8 for children 15 and under.  Off-board seating will be available in the hall during the feast at separate tables.

Fighters Information:

Heraldry – Each fighter is requested to have a banner displaying his or her arms. Also, his or her heraldic theme should extend to surcoats, shields, and livery for retinue. Charges need not be displayed on all items,    but the heraldic color scheme should be continued throughout. 

Letter of Intent – Each fighter is requested to submit a letter of intent to the Letter of Intent list. This letter will allow the other fighters to train for the challenges that will face them. 

Rules of the Lists – All combat will be conducted using current Kingdom of the West Combat Standards. Western calibration will be used for all combat.   

Concorso di eleganza – In keeping with the requests for fighters, we will be holding a “Competition of Elegance” to reward the individual/household that best typifies the spirit of La Prova Dura through the         display of pageantry throughout the event. Banners, livery, heraldry, weapons – all contribute to the ambience of the event. No entries need be submitted. No documentation is required.

Armored Competitions:

April 23th:  La Prova del Valor – The Proof of Valor Round Robin Tourney.  Fighters will be divided into fields. Each fighter on a given field will fight every other fighter on that field. (ie: If there are 80 fighters, there will be 20 on a field. Win or lose, a fighter will fight 19 times on that field.) The top fighter from each field will advance to the semi-finals.

April 24th: La Prova di Amore – The Proof of Love Invitational Tourney.  The gallery will chose the most        chivalrous fighters from each field who did not advance to the semi-finals on the previous day. Those fighters will compete for the glory of their consorts.

Merchants and volunteers contact the autocrat: Sir Heinrich von Melk dhreimers@gmail.com

Feastocrat: Mistress Else Hunrvogt nancyreimers@gmail.com
Hospitality Coordinator: Viscountess Ysabella Dolphin rachimov@comcast.net