Calontir's Fyrd Mom Celebrates Belated 70th

Baroness Finola O'Clary, Fyrd Mom of Calontir, turned 70 last year, but celebrated the occasion at Coronation March 6, 2004. Colonel Jenna writes:

Baroness Finola O'Clary, Fyrd Mom, began to pass out medallions to all her Fyrd at the Coronation of Siridean and Sile II on March 6. This was originally planned to be done last fall when Finola turned 70 but family and other matters intervened.

Finola O'Clary, Baroness of the Court, was officially given an Augmentation of Arms and the title Mother of The Fyrd by TRM Martino and Ariel in 2002 as public acknowledgment of what the members of the Fyrd already felt for her. The Iren Fyrd and Saethyr Fyrd are Calontir's AoA-level orders for fighting and archery respectively. The medallions which Finola is passing out bear the spear and the bow, and the words "Finola's Fyrd." Any Calontiri Fyrd of any rank are encouraged to come to Baroness Finola or her daughter Colonel Jenna to get their medallion.