Gulf Wars Tapestry seeks memories

Do you have fond memories of happy or fun times at Gulf Wars? Would you like to share them? If so, Daphne of Colchester, Publisher of the Gulf Wars Tapestry, would like to hear from you.

Daphne of Colchester writes:

As the publisher of the Gulf Wars Tapestry, a daily newspaper at Gulf Wars, I am seeking out Gulf War memories to be included each day in the paper. Please send me your favorite memories of past wars. Be it only a sentence or two and/or a paragraph or two. Share those moments you re-tell each other. Please include the year of the war, if known and your full SCA name. Send your memories to

I would like to see as many as possible sent by March 1, 2011.

Also, feel free to forward this missive to any and all SCA related groups, as we have had attendees from across the known world.

My thanks,

Daphne of Colchester
Gulf Wars Tapestry Publisher