[CAI] Filthy, Dirty Collegium

Come on up to the beautiful Shire of the Isles as we host once more the Filthy, Dirty Collegium! Try your hand at arts and crafts of all types and don't be afraid to get dirty.

So far this years courses range from card weaving for beginners to making your own sauerkraut to medieval sexuality and we are still looking for more. So, whether there's a course you've wanted to teach but is better suited for a workshop than the classroom, or you just have the urge to get grubby, grimy, blackened or bawdy, we invite you up to our fair Shire. There will be a German themed feast following the event, prepared by Lady Ylaria, who assures all that it will be tasty, if not filthy.

UCSB College of Creative Studies
494 University of California
Santa Barbara , California , 93106

Directions to Event    

From the south take the 101 North toward Santa Barbara. Exit 104B to merge onto CA-217 West to Airport/UCSB go left at the roundabout onto Lagoon Rd then turn right on UCEN Rd, the site is the red building on the corner of UCEN and Channel Islands Rd. From the north take the 101 South to Los Carneros Rd, turn right onto Los Carneros, then left at Mesa Rd. Follow Mesa until you pass through the roundabout, then see above.

Site fee is $5 for members, with a $5 surcharge for Non-Members. Feast is $5 and will be held in the Grad Student Lounge across from CCS. Children 5 and under are guests of the Shire. Check payable to: SCA Inc./SCA Inc./Shire of Isles

There are no merchants at this event.

Filthy, Dirty Collegium: Class Schedule!

Here we have (finally, I know) a class schedule for FDC! Please re-post at will.

Schedule of classes - Filthy Dirty Collegium  Feb 5th 2011
First time block: 10am-1150am
How to care for your garb from a textile conservation perspective - Mistress Jane Corwin
Lay On! Medieval Sexuality - Lady Ylaria Thrieplands
Basic Card Weaving - THL Lorccan hua Conchobair
Drop in Sewing (All Day) - Lady Theodosia of the Isles
Pickling and Preserving for Beginners ? Lady Sviatoslava Akilina Vasil'evskaia zhena Nikolaeva

LUNCH 12pm-1pm

Second time block: 1pm-2:50pm
Introduction to Herbcraft - Baroness Morgana Isolde of Ander Hall
Rapier Marshalling 101 - Master Don Laertes Blackavar McBride
Metal Thread Embroidery - Mistress Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste
Thrusting with a Broadsword - THL Lorccan hua Conchobair
Drop in Sewing (All Day) - Lady Theodosia of the Isles

Third time block: 3pm-4:50pm
Leatherworking (unspecified course) - Don Todde Mac Donnell
Persian Costuming - Mistress Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste
Cord Making by Hand - Baroness Morgana and Baroness Rhieinwen
Making Rattan Weapons - THL Lorccan hua Conchobair
Cards and Dice for fun and profit OR What to do with a collection of shiny objects - THL Meala Caimbeul
Drop in Sewing (All Day) - Lady Theodosia of the Isles

Schedule of the Day:
8:00am - Site opens / Setup
9:00am - Gate opens, breakfast bar available (donations appreciated)
10am-11:50am - First class session
12pm-1pm - Lunch Break
1pm-2:50pm - Second class session
2pm- Gate closes
3pm-4:50pm - Third class session
5:30pm - Feast hall opens
6pm - Feast
11pm site closes

Please contact the autocrat at keginton@gmail.com with any questions.  Further class descriptions to follow.