Firewood at Estrella

The Estrella War XXVII Staff has announced that there will be firewood available to purchase at the War.

Unto the Noble Populace Do I Bid Greetings!

There has been much debate lately over a source of firewood at the upcoming Estrella War, and rightfully so! For what is war without fire? It plays an important role in burning gates, boiling oil, armor crafting, lighting torches, but most importantly, it keeps us warm and aids in building the bonds of friendship.

It is with these reasons in mind that I am happy to announce on behalf of the Estrella war Staff that we officially have a firewood merchant at Estrella War!

Yes, it is official. Firewood WILL be available at Estrella war!!

Firewood Sales will be located in Spaces 6 and 7 on Merchants Row and will be through Windrose Armoury!

Rates are not available at this time, but they are confirmed to be there and ready for those needing fuel for firepits!!

We Look forward to seeing all of you at Estrella and sharing our fires with you!!

In service to the Dream,

-Your Estrella War Staff