[DRA] Nautical Revel

On behalf of the Shire of Mynydd Gwyn, I invite one and all to join us at our Nautical Revel on Saturday March 12, 2011.

The Revel itself will start at 14:00 in St. Samson's church hall in Cardiff, but at 11:00 we are booked in as a private party to visit the Newport ship (the remains of a 15th century trading vessel -  http://www.thenewportship.com/). This will include a slide show about the ship, its discovery and excavation, a visit to see the ship itself and plenty of chances to ask questions about it. The visit is free, but I will be asking for donations so that we can show our appreciation to the Friends of the Newport Ship for making this visit possible.

The Revel may include fighting/fencing/dancing/A&S (depending upon the preferences of those attending) and there will be a pot-luck feast in the evening. Crash space is available for both Friday and Saturday nights for those who prefer not to travel early in the day or late in the evening.