[GLE] Candlemas Collegium and Regional Arts and Sciences Faire

Welcome all to Candlemas in Grey Niche. Our theme for the event is High Court at Candlemas, with classes centered around the how and why of all the ceremony that is part of our game.

In addition to the collegium, we have our regional A&S faire, a great opportunity to receive feedback on your work. The Grey Niche arts champion will be chosen, as well. The event and class schedules will be available online.

High feast, prepared by Mistress Arielle de Brabazon, will be served in a period manner, with food, entertainments, and court business (at the pleasure of Their Royal Majesties) interspersed. As this is a one day event, feast will be served at lunch time. Feast is limited to 60. The site, Baker Community Center, opens at 8:00 and closes at 5:00.                                                                                                         

Autocrat: M. Anna Nikolaevna anna_niki@comcast.net  
Feastcrat: M. Arielle de Brabazon donnahopper@pobox.com
Classes: C. Kenna von Zeimer sperryw@yahoo.com

Baker Community Center, 7942 Church Street, Millington, TN 38053.
This is a dry site