offers free copies of Britain's oldest cookbook, a website dedicated to creating and preserving video tutorials in the historic arts, recently found a documentary about The Forme of Cury. The interest was so great, the site obtained a public domain copy of the manuscript to give to their newsletter subscribers.

Complimentary copies of the manuscript are being mailed to all members of HowToHistory.

The Forme of Cury is Britain's oldest known cookbook, first compiled in the 1390s during the reign of Richard II.  It was later presented to Queen Elizabeth by Edward Lord Stafford, and published into book form in 1780 by Samuel Pegge. The manuscript contains dozens of recipes created by King Richard's own chefs. It is written in Middle English, and the recipes are often little more than a list of ingredients. But people interested in historic cooking know many of these dishes well and enjoy deciphering the unfamiliar ones.

I just wanted to be sure

I just wanted to be sure people realized this information has long been available without having to subscribe to someone's newsletter.

Absolutely anyone can get a

Absolutely anyone can get a copy of this book. It's freely available here

We simply thought it was a cool thing to put with the video and wanted lots of folks to know about it...


Form of Cury available more than a decade ago

Bless P.G.

This is totally from Project Gutenburg. Here's the link if anyone wants to download it directly:

We just found it interesting to link with the video and wanted to send it to subscribers...Oh, and let people know about it.


I don't think they are claiming it's new

I can't presume to speak for the author, but the way I read their news release, I think they are just providing the service of mailing out copies to people so they don't have to print it themselves. I could be wrong, though. I didn't read it as a claim that this was newly-available information, as they said they "obtained a public domain copy."