Google Takes You to Museums Around the World

Art Project, a new venture, brings Google StreetView technology to some of the world's greatest museums. You can take a walk through the museum galleries, wandering from room to room.

Highlights from each museum's collection can be viewed in stunning detail - often at many times closer in than a brush stroke. Some of the virtual galleries let you choose paintings right off the wall for closer viewing.

Museums include the Uffizi in Florence, The Cloisters in New York, and the Hermitage in St. Petersberg.

Hermitage in St. Petersburg

The film Russian Ark was filmed at the impressive Hermitage museum. Apart from the beauty of the museum, which can now be virtually visited via Art Project, this film is worth seeing even if you are not ordinarily an "art film" person. The entire film, all 96 minutes of it, is a single Steadicam™ shot. There were no retakes and no scene cuts whatsoever. It is an amazing technical achievment, and showcases the museum as well as some fabulous period costuming.

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