[AET] Vikings on the River

'Lo, there do you see your father. 'Lo, there do your see you mother, and your sisters, and your brothers. 'Lo, there do you see the line of your people. 'Lo, do they call to you. They bid you take your place among them on
April 2, A.S. XLV in the Shire of Riversedge.

We will be hosting Vikings on the River, too. Come and enjoy a day of fun, and knowledge with activities ranging from but not limited to Classes on things Norse, Children's Activities, Fighting, and a savory eats fit for a viking.

Lady Aelfgifu of the Glen will be scheduling classes for the day, please contact her if you are interested in teaching. (l_elfgiva@yahoo.com)

Lord Angus MacDubh will be your Marshal in Charge. (angusmacdubh@yahoo.com) Prepare yourself for a day of raid style activities!

And we can't forget the littlest vikings. Children's activities will be played by Her Excellencey, Baroness Osa of the Green(     )Land and Lady Gudrid.

Food, friends, fun and Knowledge? What more could you ask for?...Rhetorical!!

The event will be held at the Cochranton American Legion (Street Address: 203 W Adams Street, Cochranton PA 16314) the site will open at 9:00am and close promptly at 7:00pm, and is openly saturated with open flames permitted. Site fee is $10. for adults and $4.00 for children and babes in arms are free. Lunch is included in your fee. Please do not forget the $5.00 non-member surcharge.

Your autocrat for the day is Duke Rurik Longsword and your eatsocrat is Her Excellency, Mistress Marsi of Hadley.

Reservations may be made through Lady Shaelyn casriley22@yahoo.com

Royalty Liason is Duchess Angelik Chastellain de Beauvais (angelik@aethelmearc.net) please contact her with any royalty restrictions you may have.

Make your way to the Geneva Cochranton Exit (141) off Interstate 79.  Turn Right off the exit ramp (from noth or south) onto Route 285.  Follow Route 285 until it "T's" onto Route 173. Turn Left onto Route 173 and go across the bridge over French Creek.  Slow down the site is on the right immediately after the bridge!