[ANT] Stromgard Founding Revel

As you know by now, Stromgard is well pleased to host a round of the 2011 Tournament Circuit at its Founding Revel on February 5 at the Battleground Community Center in Battleground, Washington.

PLEASE do not miss out on YOUR opportunity to fight in this tournament or cheer on the valiant competitors! You MUST pre-register for the event AND the feast by JANUARY 31!

The cost is $12/adult, youth 14-under $6, children 4-under are free. You may pay us at the door. Simply send an email to srberry [at] teleport [dot] com detailing your name and the number of people in your party. We will be more than honored to reserve prime places for you at a table.

We have MANY other activities happening at the event as well! Stromgard chooses her new Champion of Arts and Sciences on this day! Come and watch as candidates vie for the hallowed opportunity to serve.

Bring purses HEAVY with coin to bid for baskets filled with golden goodness. Better yet, bring coin AND a basket of goodness to auction! All proceeds help the Baronial Travel Fund.

Their Graces will also accept your yearly tithe, and there will be court, where They shall bestow many grand awards.

All this, and a GRAND repast complete with a freshly slaughtered lamb generously donated by Their Excellencies Earl Edward and Condessa Ilaria!

You simply MUST attend! Remember, email Madame Jacqueline by January 31!!! srberry [at] teleport [dot] com