[DRA] Flaming Arrow IV

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the shire of Glen Rathlin is once more hosts Flaming Arrow. This year we are running it as a full weekend event with lunch and feast with as normal, lots and lots of archery all day long.

The site is Maghaberry community centre, Maghaberry, Co. Antrim.

Site fee which includes lunch and feast is £25.  Please make cheques payable to “SCA Northern Ireland” and send to the autocrat.  Also, if anybody has any special dietary requirements please contact the Feastocrat. Please note the site is very discretely wet.

Dates: 30th April to 1st May 2011
Autocrat: Pól Ó Briain
E-mail: FA_Autocrat@GlenRathlin.org

Feastocrat – Nemet Arpad
E-mail: FA_HeadCook@GlenRathlin.org

Times     Activty
18:00     Site Opens & setup
18:00     Archery Training/Classes/Kit Repair
09:00     Kit inspections / Range setup
10:00     IKAC
13:00     Lunch
14:00     Midrealm Shoot
16:00     William Tell Shoot
18:00     Feast / Court (if we have one)
22:00     Site clean up and close
09:30     Kit inspections / Range setup
10:00     Standard Arrow Shoot
11:00     Flight Shoot or Clout Shoot
12:00     Western Shoot
18:00     Site closed

Time table is subject to alot of change (Will come alot more set closer to the event).