Atlantia Kingdom A&S Competition Winners Announced

James of Middle Aston, King Minister of Arts & Sciences for Atlantia, has announced the winners of the recent Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival. Janes of Middle Aston writes:

Greetings one and all!


First and foremost, I must thank Countess Adalicia of Cumbria. Her work, leadership, and dedication to the arts is what made the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival a success this year. She, and her staff, did an awe inspiring job. I believe that their motto should have been, "Semper Gumby," (Always Flexible).

I'd, also, like to thank the many people who gave of their time and talents to be judges for the day.

Without further ado, here are the results of the competitions at Atlantian Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival, 2004.

First, there was a research paper competition. This competition started back in October and included the possibility of submitting rough drafts. I was supposed to announce this with the rest of the competitions in court, but, I left the papers at my seat and did not remember until I had left the stage.

The Best Paper was by: Karen Larsdatter

The Most Improved (from rough draft to final paper) was by: Assar ferch Owen

For Judges Choice, there was a tie:

* Ranulf of Waterford - and-
* Luisa O'Reilly

There were two Royal Notables chosen at Kingdom A&S Festival. They are:

* Royal Baker: Hrosvitha von Celle
* Royal Brewer: Michel von Schunsee

The Pentathlon and Youth Triathlon competitions were sponsored, this year, by the Order of the Laurel. Many thanks are due to that mighty Order for stepping forward to sponsor these competition this year.

In the Triathlon, the winner was Amanda.

In the Pentathlon, there were four people who scored over 100 points! There was a tie for first with 102 points.

The winners are: Kate Munnsel and Genevieve d'Aquitaine

The other two scoring over 100 were:
Susanna von Schweissguth and Rosalind Delamere

There was, also, a judges sponsored prize for best overall persona. This person did the best in tying together all aspects of their entries into a single persona. The winner was Rosalind Delamere

There were, also, two Inter-Baronial Competitions.

In the non-performance competition, the following Baronies provided Entries:
* Tir-y-Don (Rebekah of Samancar)
* Lochmere (Christina Irina Chaykiwaia)
* Windmasters' Hill (Bryn y Pobydd)
* Ponte Alto (Allasaninghean Fhaolain)
* Sacred Stone (Seraphine il Filatore)
* Nottinghill Coill (Rachel Wallace)
* Steirbach (Ignacio Erehsaurlazasganria)
* Storvik (Mor Fhion)
* Caer Mear (Rhiannon of Berra)
* Dun Carraig (Cian Fitzwalter)
* Black Diamond (Morgana de Mont S. Michael)
* Hidden Mountain (Thylozene)
* Marinus (Mungoe MaGlinchy)

The winner was the Barony of Nottinghill Coill, followed closely by the Barony of Black Diamond.

In the Performance competition, we held a double elimination tournament. Many thanks to Baron Janos of Nottinghill Coill for providing his Crown Tourney tree to keep track of the competition. The following Baronies were represented:

* Steirbach (Ii Katsumori Rokui)
* Tir-y-Don (Keelin Mirymuth)
* Ponte Alto (Cassandra Arabella Giordani)
* Dun Carraig (Richard de Montbrai)
* Storvik (Richard Wyn)
* Windmasters' Hill (Dunstan Le Heryngmonger)
* Sacred Stone (Amanda Rebellinus)
* Caer Mear (Brigantia ni Realdon)
* Black Diamod (Aonghus Bacustair)

The final pairing were Steirbach and Windmasters' Hill. In a tight race, the Barony of Steirbach was proclaimed the winner.

And, finally, there was an Atlantian Kingdom A&S festival Championship. I'd like to thank all the folks that volunteered to go and evaluate entries. It was a terribly difficult job. The following people have been annointed Atlantian Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival Champions for 2004:

* Elizabeth Montagu Barony of Tir-y-Don
* Danr Bjornsson Canoton of Attillium, Windmasters' Hill
* Margery Winterbourn Baron of Lochmere
* Martel von Charlottenburg Barony of Bright Hills
* Rachel Wallace Barony of Nottinghill Coill
* Siobahn nic Dhuinnshleibe Barony of Sacred Stone
* Menua of the Black Oak Grove Incipient Barony of Hawkwood
* Rowen the Shiftless Barony of Hidden Mountain
* Maddalena Salutati Canton of Buckston-on-Eno, Windmasters' Hill
* Clare Hele Canton of Kappellenberg, Windmasters' Hill
* Melisant Saint-Clair Canton of Misty Marsh, Hidden Mountain
* Tegan de Morten Barony of Hidden Mountian
* Seraphina il Filitore Barony of Sacred Stone
* Morgana de mont St Michael Barony of Black Diamond
* Calum Chreachadora Canton of Kappellenberg, Windmasters' Hill

Submitted in Service,
James of Middle Aston
KMoAS, Fair Lady Atlantia