[MID] South Oaken Spring A&S Competition

The South Oaken Arts and Sciences Competition will take place April 9, 2011 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Valor Traditional Academy
11501 Schlatter Road
Louisville, Ky 40291

Site Opens: 9 AM EST.

Site Details:
Our site offers classrooms, a large meeting area, and a library. Approximately 2 ½ acres of outdoor space useable for heavy fighting, light fighting and cooking activities. There is a large parking area behind the building with ample parking. There is no kitchen available; however above ground fire pits are acceptable. The site is DRY, however transportation will be provided to off-site location for judging of venting/brewing entries; also to have extra space available if there is a need for a kitchen. Site also includes a playground area for the children’s activities.

Arts and Sciences
This event will play host to the South Oaken Spring Arts and Sciences Competition. In conjunction with the competition we will be offering classes throughout the day on a variety of subjects. If you are interested in teaching a class please contact Lady Maiosara Sauromatis, the Baronial Mistress of Arts and Sciences .