[MID] Winged Hills Collegium

Once again we here in the Marche of Winged Hills are pleased to present the Winged Hills Collegium.  The Collegium is two days of classes, meetings, and social gatherings with the goal of providing educational opportunities in all aspects of the SCA.

Some of our primary concerns include officer training, newcomer orientation, social life, fighting, and arts & sciences.  This will be held on Saturday and Sunday March 19-20 with standard classroom sessions on Saturday and fighting practice and classes on Sunday.  It will be held in the Student Union of the Wright State University where we have large comfortable class rooms, big meeting spaces and a huge indoor fighting area.

Right now, I'd like to put out a call to all parties interested in teaching practically anything.  Perhaps you might try teaching such classes as:

How to be a local XXXX (officer)
How to be a regional XXXX (officer)
First XXXX (garb)
Protocol and Social Expectations
Unravelling the Jargon
Translating the A&S Criteria
Designing Arms and Armory
Choosing a Personna/Name
Demystifying the XXXX (peerage)
Beginning XXXX (art/craft)
Construction of a sword
Advanced Authorizations for the Beginner
Small unit movement and tactics
The shield wall soldier

This is by no means a complete list, nor is it a list of classes that we already have; but we *could* if the good and knowledgable people of this Kingdom wish to step forward.  Please jump right in and lend your knowledge to others.

If you might be interested in teaching a class (or classes) please contact Meriel Fitzwilliam meriel@midrealm.org with details and to get scheduling.