[OUT] Dragonsspine War Practice

Dragonsspine will be hosting a war practice at Bear Creek Park on Sunday, January 30, 2010 the day after Dragonsspine's Peacock Fantasy event. The practice will start a 10am and go until we are all too tired to continue.

There are bathrooms at the park. Some water will be provided, however, fighters are highly encouraged to bring their own.

Directions to Bear Creek Park: Take your best route to the King's Highway (I-25).  From there take exit 141, which is US-24 or Cimarron St. Head west on Cimarron St. Turn left at the stoplight of 21st St. Turn right at the
stoplight of Argus Blvd.  From there the park entrance will be on the right. Once you enter the park drive all the way through the park and park in the last parking lot.