Volunteers needed for Estrella War XXVII

Lord Iamys, Estrella War Site Coordinator, has announced that volunteers are needed for the upcoming War.

Lord Iamys writes:


Armies may run on their stomachs, but Estrella War runs strictly by volunteer labor.

The Estrella War Site Coordinator is in need of volunteers to help tear down the War on Monday Feb 21, 2010. Please consider giving an hour or more so that we can make this the quickest exodus from Estrella to date.

Tear down of the site consists of:

  • Emptying and returning the trash barrels to the bone yard.

  • Returning the empty ash barrels to the bone yard.

  • Pulling the remaining rebar, trashing the caution tape, placing rebar caps in tubs.

  • Policing the site for wayward trash.

  • Removing signs.

  • Loading Site regalia, i.e. rebar, signs, etc., onto the trucks.

Volunteers are not expected to be packed up and ready to go as early as general attendees, and site will be providing a sandwich lunch and water for volunteers.

Please contact Site2011 @ estrellawar. org (Remove Spaces) if you are able to help out in this great endeavor.

Lord Iamys,
Estrella War Site Coordinator