Esquestrian services at Estrella XXVII

The Equestrian Coordinator for Estrella War XXVII has announced services that will be available during this year's War.


The following equestrian services are available at Estrella War:

  • Horse pens may be reserved for those who bring their own horses. Reservations must be made by Feb 7, 2011.
  • Camping is provided at the equestrian camping area, when reserved prior to arrival (by Feb 7, 2011). Attendees bringing or renting horses are given priority for the available camping space.

The above services can be arranged by completing and submitting the information using the Equestrian Registration Form http://www.estrellawar. org/Activities/Equestrian/EquestrianPartnerRegistrationForm . aspx
(Remove Spaces). Questions about this should be directed to the Equestrian coordinator at equestrian @estrellawar .org (Remove Spaces)