Lecture Series Focuses on Medieval Russia

The University of New Mexico's spring lecture series this year will explore the medieval history of the Russian culture. The lecture series, which runs from Monday, March 29, through Thursday, April 1, includes the following topics:
  • The Origins of Medieval Russia
  • Men's Religion/Women's Religion: The Christianization of Medieval Russia
  • The Formation of Ancient Russia: Geographical Background, Trade Routes, and First Towns
  • Exploring the Exotic World of Medieval Russian Music: The Znamenny, the Strochny, and the Demestvenny
  • Reawakening to a Spiritual Past: The Holy Icons of Medieval Russia
  • Kiev and the Origins of Russian Architecture
  • The Emergence of Muscovite Russia

The lectures will be presented by guest speakers from as far away as London and St. Petersburg.

The lectures are open to the public, and details are available by following the headline link above.

Thanks to Maria Sol de Leon, from the Kingdom of Outlands, for posting the URL to an email list.