"Clinking armor and furious fighting" marks Oertha Coronet

"Through a series of courts, battles, dances and feasts at the JACC, the people of Earngyld rang in the new year with clanging armor, unique devices, and flowing gowns," writes Richard Radford of the Capital City Weekly (Juneau, Alaksa) about the recent Coronet Tourney in Oertha. (photos)

Radford attended the event, held in the Shire of Earngyld, and spoke to a number of attendees including one attending his first event and wearing a borrowed tunic who quipped, "You came into this SCA event as a, oh what the heck, a Mongolian spy."

The Coronet tournament was attended by Her Majesty Catherine, Queen of the West, who made the trip from California, as well as the reigning Prince and Princess of Oertha, Magnus and Esperanza.