A history of the humble eating fork

Master Robyyan Torr d'Elandris, OL, from Tree-Girt-Sea in the Middle Kingdom, offers an article on the history of the fork, an eating utensil sometimes assumed to be out-of-period for the SCA. Depending on your persona's time and place, this may not be so.

Period written sources, such as wills, mention forks that were used in cooking and eating as valuable possessions, although the Church and some nobles did not always approve of their use. Master Robyyan also cites stories of a Byzantine princess, delicate in her mannerisms, who married into a European family and brought the fork to Europe when she moved there.

Of course, the medieval forks did not look like our modern utensils, but the concept was indeed known to Western Europe well before 1600. Naysayers, begone!