[WES] Crosston Dance Ball

Dancing and merriment are the cure for the short, cold days of winter, and you are cordially invited to the Crosston Dance Ball. If you enjoy period dance to music by live musicians, good food, and fine costumes, then this is the event for you! 

In the afternoon, there will be dance instruction led by our fabulous dance instructors, followed by a delicious potluck, finger food buffet of period dishes, coordinated by Gianetta da Bene. The evening will be completed with several sets of dances to the fine playing of our wonderful live musicians. Should there be any spiders about, there will be physickers on hand to prescribe dancing a ritual tarantella, if needed, for dancing is the surest cure for spider bites.

Site Information: Join us at

St. Mark's Episcopal Church
1957 Pruneridge Ave.
Santa Clara, CA.

Site opens at 11:30 AM Dance classes at noon, and at 5 PM the potluck starts.
6 PM we will begin the ball, and the event ends at 10 PM.

The Dance     Tarantella
Ever so often in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, dancing manias would occur. Examples span back to the 11th century, and were relatively common in the 14th to 17th centuries. In Italy, when someone was
bitten by a particularly poisonous local spider, dancing a rhythmic, fast dance was thought to separate the poison from the body. It was danced by people singly, but large numbers of people could join the dancing. "Generally, musicians accompanied dancers, to help ward off the mania, but this tactic sometimes backfired by encouraging more to join in."[1] Others might start dancing in support of those that had been bitten, or perhaps feeling that the music renewed the danger posed by previous spider bites, and would dance to cure the poison.

[1] Dancing_mania
[2] Tarantella

Evening Ball:
There will be dancing in the evening with music provided by live musicians, starting at 6PM.
The dance set list:

  • Set One Horses Bransel, Grimstock, Alta Regina, Old Mole, Contrapasso
  • Set Two Sung Pavan (choir), Sung Galliard (choir), Cuckolds all in a Row, Stingo, Furioso all’Italiana Intermezzo: Pinwheel to the Lorayne Alman
  • Set Three, the loud band set Bel Fiore, Amoroso, Petit Riense, Rostiboli Gioiso
  • Set Four Rufty-Tufty, Black Alman, Bizzaria d’Amore, Gathering Peascods, Villanella, Jenny Pluck Pears

Dance Classes:
There will be a series of dance classes from noon to 5PM. No prior dance experience is necessary - just a desire to have fun!
Noon-1pm 15th century Italian
1:15-2:15pm English Country Dance
2:30-3:30pm 16th century Italian
3:45-4:45pm Almans and more

The event is free for all, but donations will be gladly accepted at the door.

Autocrat: Isabel D Triana (isabel atsymbol aands period org)

Jocelyn of Rowenwood webminister@crosston.westkingdom.org

Take your best route to 880. Take the Stevens Creek exit (which is just north of the intersection of 280 and 880). Proceed west on Stevens Creek (you should pass the Valley Fair Mall on your right). Turn right onto Winchester Blvd. Turn left onto Pruneridge, and St. Mark's is about two blocks down.


If your SCA first name begins with
A-E, please bring a pie or pastry or pasty dish.
F- J, please bring a main dish
K-O, please bring a dessert. (see how I stuck desserts in the middle!)
P-T, a vegetarian dish or an appetizer
U-Y, sauces, condiments or beverages, breads
Z - anything you want!
(dispensations granted - email me)
If you need suggestions, I have plenty of recipes to share.

Please, no new world ingredients (chiles, tomatoes or any of those other poisonous savage plants).
In order to save wear and tear on the autocrats, we will only be using the kitchen to re-heat items. There are several microwaves and ovens, and outlets for crockpots.

Please also note that the dancemasters have only allotted one hour for a dinner break! (they're cruel and relentless!) If you can, make things that are relatively neat and easy to eat. Food on toothpicks or in pastry is especially good for this. The site has several coffeemakers that can be used for hot water, if you
need some for hot beverages. Weather permitting (but probably not if it's as cold then as it has been
lately) we'll set up some food and beverage stations outside, so people can socialize without drowning out the dance teachers. (They hate that!)

While this is a "wet" site, please be gracious to our AA neighbors attending meetings at the church all day. Let's keep the alcoholic drinks low visibility in our hall or in mugs. We can certainly share coffee, juice, tea, sekanjabin or water at outside tables.